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We are a sensory team comprised of members well versed in the art of manifesting magnificence from start to finish. 


With a graphic design background in combination with a marketing and content strategy education, I merge ideas and visual elements to create a brand presence that is not only impactful but effective. I am here to help develop and merge your ideas in ways that benefit both your brand and your business.


Specializing in illustration and graphic design, I work alongside the team to help take ideas and turn them into visual representations of concepts. Whether it is handmade illustrations, using creative software or taking captivating images. I am here to help build content that makes identifying your brand an effortless task. 


Bringing both my Italian and Spaniard background to Coll3ctives, my marketing and strategic planning skills along with my clientele relations I feel we have a team that can give you a dynamic level of professionalism that matches very few.


With my experience in social media and event engagement. I have all the tools to connect you with the right networks, platforms and people here at Coll3ctives, to help expand your business through partnerships and collaborations with companies that are looking to reach similar goals.


With a great deal of diverse experience in the arts as well as advertising and marketing I bring these things and more to the table. Though I am a dedicated painter with brushes that move for water color to oils, I have the capacity to welcome clients and make them feel a great sense of comfort as we work through the creation process of their needs.


I am Timothy and I am proud to serve. 

I learned that concept in the United States Marines and continue that legacy into every aspect of my life. Whether it's preparing your favorite cuisine or representing your brand I believe there is no substitute for customized service and dedication to excellence. 


Taking the steps forward in client relations, social media and design, I am able to bring all of this to Coll3ctives. Much of what we do here as a team is truly dedicated to meeting your needs and just as much helping you get great results through our visions for you.


Events are an effective way to help build bridges and broaden your audience. I can help organize, plan and coordinate all the things you need to create moments that people will remember while also building your brands strategy and presence.


As both the American and Mexican connection, I bring my web and design experience to the table of ideas and creativity. My style, though referred to often as high end I am able to give you what you seek as we here at coll3ctives move forward in giving you brilliance!


My understanding of the most up to date methods on social media and my desire to work with a high level of incredible people has lead me here. I believe in the good of business and love working with causes that matter in contemporary society.


Versed in levels of design that can intrigue the mind and  entice the consumer I bring display and merchandising ideas to the platform. As the creative team we are we work on giving you innovation  to create the best results!


Organizational skills and client relations, communicating your needs to the team and updating your job progress fall under my duties and desires. I do this and take you into a zone that make you comfortable and confident to have chosen us at Coll3ctives.


From conceptual ideas and brand development, hand drawn illustrations and detailed painted murals to makeup artistry and personal styling. My years of experience has led to me producing concepts in a multitude of ways. Ultimately helping to identify methods that will help elevate creative solutions of your needs.


With my background in fashion, advertising, print and web design I am a sort of all-rounder so to speak. I enjoy what I do and feel confident that we here at Coll3ctives can create for you what is quite simply what is best for you!


Web! Yes web, SEO and much more is my thing. I am here for you and feel confident of what I can do. My experiences have given me a great understanding of this world and what is best suited to your needs. I am here like the whole team of coll3tives to make you happy about what we can do for you.


The dynamics of management combined with a sense of creativity and an assertive level of communication is what I bring  to this group. Many of us have known each other for some years now and can work together to give you what you desire in the way of design, marketing , branding and more.


Film and storytelling. The magic and artfulness of this genre is my passion and along with this I am a consultant, here to help you ! The world of advertising and film making is what I bring to the coll3ctives platform.


With a knack  for public relations and a well traveled  resume, I am the  Saudi connection  here at Coll3ctives. I help develop your brands overall marketing concepts and I also specialize in making sure your brands presence is represented correctly both on and offline.


Creative Direction along with design and conceptual development is what I bring to the team. We have all been here in this marvelously insane business for some time and worked through the consistency of industry changes that have occurred I am fully aware of the variables that will need to be done here at Coll3ctives.


With vast experience in Design and clientele relations, I can walk you from the beginning to the printed product with confidence and ease. I am familiar with a vast amount of needs clients may have and feel confident we here at coll3ctives can do for you what you most dream of doing!


Some year In promotion and public relations have lead me here. The team I believe in , knowing we can give you what you seek as a team that works in harmony with you. We welcome you in a way that make you comfortable with working alongside us.


I pursuit of education alongside my ambitious drive to creative, market strategize and art direct has led me onboard with this dynamic team.  We will work towards giving only the best when we all agree it is the best.


Design and years of high end real estate imagery, I bring to the Creative Team in COLL3CTIVES, this and more. We work together and strive for similar goals know with confidence that we are giving you the absolute best.


With several years creative experience in the  health food market, events and the arts I bring this expertise and innovation to Coll3ctives. I  believe that aesthetics and strategy combined exquisitely to create an impact that can win you a wonderful outcome. ...we are here to give you this and more!

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