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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We both come from different backgrounds and a marked age difference. Yet our common ground and understanding led us to work and structure Mirage. As artist we are intensely influenced by nature and also by people. Mirage shows the works of both Adnan Duane Razack and Joshua Mesa.


Take the journey here on Mirage and reach out to us if you have any interests in any of the pieces you see.


We are both are open to commissions and we are also available to create murals both in homes and businesses.



My artistic vision is shaped by my Trinidadian roots, my English upbringing, over 30 years of art education, and life in the United States. I'm a dreamer, and my art reflects nature, people, and the possibility of magic. Take a look at my work and feel free to connect with me on social media!

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With a passion for the arts and photography, I explore creative freedom in Mirage, focusing on nature and environment to highlight the profound impact of simple sights within society. Through observation, I aim to convey a message that fosters heightened awareness of the world. Enjoy the visual gallery!

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